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222 Easy italian recipes

This book offers 222 recipes that are quick, appetizing, and delicious - yet at the same time easy - for food lovers with little experience, all designed and tested by Academia Barilla chefs. Minimum effort and maximum flavour: you will enjoy cooking using fresh and flavourful foods right out of the Italian tradition. From appetizers to first course dishes, from main course dishes to original proposals for tempting menus, all using simple and genuine ingredients that contribute to the creation of rich and diverse meals. Collaboration with Academia Barilla - ever committed to the promotion and protection of Italian cuisine throughout the world - represents a sure mark of quality. Guidelines for each recipe are clearly illustrated with step-by-step instructions.

222 Easy italian recipes

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Variations - Fish & Seafood - Bettina Snowdon, Sylvia Winnewisser

What should I cook today? Those who refuse to put convenience food on the table for themselves and loved ones are familiar with this question. Quite often one simply resorts to the tried and true recipes. Creative Cooking offers a real alternative to the daily kitchen routine, because in addition to the reliable basic recipes it provides tasty variations. Each basic recipe is explained and illustrated step by step so that less expert cooks can also quickly master the preparations. And for those who like to try something new, there are four to six additional variations, also appetizingly illustrated and replete with many sauce and side dish tips. Depending on the ingredients on hand, the time available and preferences, these cook books can be a source of hundreds of different recipes.

Variations - Fish & Seafood - Bettina Snowdon, Sylvia Winnewisser

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